What is ShareSmartTV?

It's a platform 100% Web that allows us to develop websites that automatically synchronize with each other. Upon opening a website on Smart TV or a computer, your remote control will appear on your smartphone.

How Work ShareSmartTV?

Compatible with 100% of devices that have a web browser, and thanks to its virtual controls adapted to the content, SharesmartTV will allow you to create new products and services that arrive instantly to users.

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With ShareSmartTV companies focus on improving a user experience for their visitors and customize the navigation according to their interests.

Our service is offered to 1000 top companies around the world, in order to create a standard of continuous navigation between websites. Here are some use examples (note: all the images shown are for illustrative purposes only).

Free Website TV-Friendly

We can create for you a landing page totally free, the data for news is getting from Facebook, videos from Youtube y Links external, in 24hs you receive your website TV-Friendly.

Free Ads

ShareSmartTV has a "homepage" that allows you to search for TV-friendly websites. You can make a post here for free with the synergy of more than 15 companies, an estimated 30 million unique visitors per month.




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Quality & Development

We work together with IT companies that develop TV-Friendly websites, their clients at the corporate level guarantee a quality product. Among its customers we can find...

About Us

We have worked for several IT companies and startups in the US, Switzerland, Spain, and Latam. The knowledge acquired from working on small to large projects has allowed us to understand the gap that exists between websites and SmartTV devices.

Our constant interest in improving the User Experience has brought us to create a platform that converts desktop and mobile websites to Smart TV. Your maintenance is free or low cost.

Contact Us

If you want a Website TV-Friendly, contact with our CEO.

Claudio Garaycochea

CEO at ShareSmart.TV & WebsiteTVFriendly.com

Email claudio@websitetvfriendly.com